About Mi-Kis


If you decide to care for and protect a Mi-Ki you’ll be rewarded with the unconditional love and loyalty that Mi-Kis are known for.

  • You and your family will find them extremely loving. If you have children, look for lots of fun. Mi-Kis also get along wonderfully with other pets.
  • Typically, a Mi-Ki barks very little. When they do, their sound is like a joyful twitter or small yodel.


If companionship is your goal, rest assured, you can engage a Mi-Ki with confidence and get an enthusiastic return of affection.

  • The Mi-Ki makes an excellent companion dog because it likes to stay close. An important personality trait is their breeding for companionship and warmth.
  • Their positive traits lead some Mi-Kis to become companion dogs in therapeutic settings. Many who otherwise couldn’t have a pet find a caring companion in their calm, affectionate Mi-Ki. By just being there the Mi-Ki can make anyone’s day more enjoyable.


These dogs are diminutive in size only. Their hearts know no bounds. If any breed of dog could be described as having a heart of gold, the Mi-Ki would be at the top of the list.

  • Mi-Kis are extremely intelligent. They’re easy to train and know how to adapt to your lifestyle.
  • You’ll find these pets in Manhattan apartments or homes overlooking California’s Malibu coastline. This well-socialized breed fits easily into any social setting.
  • Their petite size makes them ideal apartment dogs. Yet you won’t lose them if you live in a large rambling home. They will be there – always at your side.
  • If your life gets so hectic you forget to walk the dog, Mi-Kis are easily house trained. You can use a litter box, the Sunday news, or even ‘puppy pads’ when going outside isn’t an option.

Love to Travel

  • Whether you’re traveling down the block, across town, or around the world … you have a great travel partner with your Mi-Ki.
  • Your carry-on sized Mi-Ki carrier will easily fit under your airplane seat. I’ve traveled on very long flights and no one even realized I had a dog with me!