The good news is that Mi-Kis are exceptionally healthy dogs! No known health issues are associated with this breed. They are long lived – many living into their teens.

Breeding Philosophy

Responsible breeders develop a philosophy of what they want to accomplish when breeding dogs. My philosophy is to breed healthy, disease-free dogs that are sociable and gentle and meet the Mi-Ki breed standard.

We breed Sky Mountain Mi-Ki puppies using an established program in a warm family setting. Only the best is good enough for our dogs.


We strive to place our puppies with families who will provide the same nurturing that our pets, as well as all pets, deserve. Essential components for raising a happy, healthy Sky Mountain Mi-Ki include:

  • Seclude from potential health hazards during first 8 weeks.
  • Socialize by providing affection, routine handling, and a stable environment.
  • Release only after they reach 10–12 weeks of age.
  • Screen to health standards and breed conformity.
  • Provide regular visits to the veterinarian.
  • Feed on only high-quality food.
  • Ensure a clean living area.


  • 6-month health guarantee against congenital or life-threatening defects.
  • For more, see the health guarantee on the website.

Routine Screening

  • Our puppies have a complete health examination.
  • First set of puppy shots at eight weeks before going home to their new family.
  • *Screen for problems with kneecaps (patellas) given that other small dog breeds have suffered from this deformity. It is very difficult to determine if a puppy is experiencing this problem until they are at least six months old or older.
  • Back dewclaws removed, if present at birth.
  • Puppies are microchipped before going to their new homes.

*At 6 months old, you can obtain a certificate from a reputable veterinarian verifying that your Mi-Ki doesn’t have kneecap problems.

Upon Request Screening

  • DNA profiling
  • Eye testing by Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERFS).

Hypo-Allergenic (not guaranteed)

  • Mi-Kis have hair not fur.
  • There is little to no shedding! Brushing daily is suggested to keep their coat in top shape. Mi-Kis are an ideal pet for people with allergies.