It is theorized that small toy dogs were bred as travel companions for the upper mobile classes of Asia. Consequently, their size and weight were characteristics given a great deal of attention by breeders. A weight between 4–8 pounds and height not to exceed 11 inches was desirable.

Because these small dogs were to be fellow travelers in close proximity to their owner, breeders placed emphasis on developing a calm, gentle persona. The pleasing result of these efforts is this new breed – the Mi-Ki. These breeding efforts continue today…with stunning results.

  • Mi-Kis are of Asian origin. They share common characteristics with their Maltese, Papillion, and Japanese Chin long-haired ancestors.
  • Breeding of this exquisite, unique dog began in the 1980’s in the United States.
  • Current statistics indicate there are little more than 2,000 of these little dogs. They are truly a unique American breed.