The Mi-Ki is truly an elegant dog, with a stylish bearing. The demand has accelerated for these beautiful multicolored pets creating a market that is in woefully short supply.

  • Small, toy dogs.
  • Weigh from 4–9 pounds.
  • Should stand no higher than 11 inches. Ideal pet for carrying or sitting in your lap, as the ultimate lap dog.


  • There’s no end to their colors! Mi-Kis can be bi-colored or tri-colored.
  • Some are even solid. A solid colored coat is rare and a real prize.

Coat Types – Long and Smooth

  • Long hair is the standard. Their hair is abundant, silky, and straight. A cute mustache and beard frames their little face.
  • Smooths have the common long coat with the fringing on the legs and ears, but don’t sport the beard and mustache.
  • Both coat types have beautiful, long, flowing hair on their tails. The tail, when groomed, should cascade over their back.

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