I was introduced to the Mi-Ki breed several years ago by Jody Hanet, the original breeder at Sky Mountain Mi-Ki’s. This unique breed charmed and impressed me so much that I soon decided to purchase my first Mi-Ki from Sky Mountain Mi-Kis.

Soon after acquiring my first puppy I became very involved in the Mi-Ki Breeders USA organization and was impressed with their goals, ethics and values regarding the breeding process of this dog.

When family obligations required Jody to step away from the breeding business, she wanted the business maintained by someone who had the same passion as she had for this wonderful breed of dog.  I was thrilled and honored that she chose me to continue with Sky Mountain Mi-Kis. Over the years, I’ve continued to breed this dog in accordance with the ethics and values of the Mi-Ki Breeders USA organization.

I will forever and always be a home breeder of these dogs for my Mi-Kis are first and foremost my much beloved pets before they are breeding dogs.

After you select one of our beautiful puppies, I’ll stay in close contact during the first few weeks of your puppy’s life by sending you photos through email or post. I’m always available during this time to discuss the care and raising of your new Mi-Ki.

Margaret Neno
Sky Mountain Mi-Ki’s, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ