clio June 2018

Cleo was born on April 5, 2018 and is now 11 weeks old and looking to find the perfect home for her.  She is going to be tiny, perhaps 4 lbs. full grown.  She is so sweet and very smart.  Already potty pad trained and doing well with crate training.  Very loving.  Loves her belly rubs.



Sky Mountain Mi-kis is happy to announce the newest arrivals.  These two little girls, Zoey and Cleo, were born on April 5, 2018.  Their eyes are open and they are walking around and playing together.  Mom, Lola, is doing great and is an awesome mom.  The sire is Prince Albert.

Zoey and Clio

Lola’s sister, Lady Dolley Madison, also had two pups, born on March 29th.  Her little man and girl are up and running around.

Sir Tobias is the sire of these two.

Milo and Sammy

Princess Pia gave birth to her little girl, Blossom, on April 3rd.  Now three weeks old, she is walking around and anxious to move out of the whelping box.  Prince Albert is the sire of Blossom also.


You can find pictures of all my breeding dogs in the Mi-Ki Galleries link.