Welcome to Sky Mountain Mi-Kis!

If you are viewing this site, that means you’ve done your homework on the Mi-Ki (pronounced me-key) breed. You already know that they have a wonderful temperament, have a heart of gold, love to travel, are loyal and loving companions and, most of all, are forever puppies. Growing to a hefty 5-10 pounds, this diminutive breed of dog will give you unconditional love and affection. They will want to travel everywhere with you.

A sales agreement will be provided to the buyer when the puppy is transferred to its new owner and registration papers will be provided after spaying or neutering has been completed.

We do not ship our puppies in the cargo area of any airlines under any circumstance. For a reasonable fee, a courier is available to travel with a puppy in the cabin. For shorter distances, every effort will be made to work out a travel arrangement that will be convenient for both the buyer and seller.

Puppies will not be available for adoption until they are at least ten weeks of age. Depending upon their physical and emotional maturity some puppies may take longer to be ready for their new homes.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to individuals that do not meet our adoption criteria.